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Nature and our Nervous System


Our nervous system

We are our nervous systems so becoming aware of  what is going on with ours will play a massive part in how we move, feel and deal with the stress in our lives. My belief is if we get to know our bodies through movement the easier it is for us to hear them when they are under stress, then we can stop ,breathe ,move and reconnect.


Natural world 

I have a great love for the natural world and our connection to it; we can learn so much just by being out in it, such as stopping and watching how a tree, that has been standing for hundreds of years, copes daily with the different things in its environment. Its roots anchor it to the earth, keeping it grounded and connect to all the life that goes on under its feet while its strong trunk rises towards the sky, where its branches open to receive the light from the sun. We need to ground through our feet as we are also connected to the earth, so that, like the tree, we can stand strong and be open to the light. Our breath is our life so breathing well helps us to function better, if you stand and watch the sea as the tide comes in, goes out, comes in, goes out, it is much like our breath.

Nature helps us to reconnect back to our bodies. Our breath, our roots through our feet connect us back to the earth, breathe and feel the sun on our face.

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